Year 6 World War 2 Workshop (Jan 24)

World War 2 Workshop!

Yesterday our year 6 children took part in a fantastic World War 2 workshop. One of the workshops was first-aid during the war. They carried out a number of tasks, including lifting a person on a stretcher, putting on a sling and acting out a severity of casualty scene. I must say that we have a number of budding actors in the class. 😊

The second activity was to practise putting out fire bombs! The children used a range of techniques including using stirrup pumps, hoses and water, bomb scoopers and sandbags. They had lots of fun and I think the stirrup pumps were everyone’s favourite!

The last workshop was looking at artefacts from WW2 and the children had a range of questions and used the artefacts to find the answers.

The day was totally amazing!

A huge well done to all 😄