Kate Salih

Assistant Principal - Welfare and Inclusion Lead (Wish Lead)

I was born in Stoke-on- Trent and raised locally in Sandyford. My parents worked in two of our local industries, the coal mine and the pottery industry. Growing up I was always encouraged to work hard and never give up. My career started as a papergirl and a Saturday worker in a local fruit and veg shop! I then studied at college to ensure that I was able to do the job that I love with all my heart. Working with children!

I have worked with children for over 20 years and across all key stages and still love working at Mill Hill. There is a real sense of warmth and love at Mill Hill that spills out into our local community. I really enjoy working with our community and over the years I have watched our children grow into amazing individuals often returning to Mill Hill with their children.

My passion lies in supporting our children and their families to be happy and  feel safe. I believe that building a good solid relationship with families is key to giving our children everything they need to achieve their dreams.